UHMWPE is processed variously by compression moulding, ram extrusion, gel spinning, and sintering. But you’re not eating (much) food off your tent, so what makes silicone so great for tents? However, it can be problematic if you’re camping for a long time in especially wet areas or in a spot where water pools under your tent. Coatings have several attributes that must be taken into consideration when choosing a coating for a particular use case: One last note before we get to the good stuff. The tube gets filled with water until it soaks through the fabric. PU Coating Explained. PE coatings stretch even less than PU coatings, and they all but eliminate slippage in the fabrics to which they’re applied. Fire retardant chemicals must be mixed in with the coating before it is applied to the fabric. FR chemicals can only be combined with PU and PE coatings, not silicone. PU offers a solid balance of attributes, which is why it is by far the most popular waterproof coating for tent fabrics. The fly is almost always made of a woven fabric (learn more about wovens vs. nonwovens in, The fabric finishing process begins with an undyed, uncoated fabric, called. For tents that will be exposed to large amounts of moisture, PU coatings are often used because they can achieve hydrostatic head ratings in excess of 10,000mm (that’s a lot). The result is that PE coatings often decrease the fabric’s tear strength. This is accomplished by measuring how tall a column of water is before the weight of the water exerts enough pressure to start pushing it through the fabric. ), blow molding and rotomolding. Poor resistance to hydrocarbons (aliphatic, aromatic, halogenated) 4. However, this has the disadvantage of adding considerable weight (coatings, especially PU coatings, are surprisingly heavy) and further reducing tear strength. Polyurethane Coating. Silicone-coated fabrics last longer and have numerous advantages over PU and PE coatings. We almost never come across hydrolyzed PE coatings, and the ones that we have encountered have usually been used for a long time in particularly hot and humid conditions (if you want your tent to last a long time, don’t move to the Philippines or Singapore). The laminates you’ll usually see used in shelters are Dyneema Composite Fabric (aka Cuben Fiber) and waterproof breathable fabrics (WPBs) that are used in most single-wall tents. We have never seen a case of mold growth on a silicone-coated fabric (again, this doesn’t mean you should put your tent away wet! PTFE is a fluorinated plastic that coats the inside of nonstick pans. This happens because of the way the coating affects the slippage of the fabric. Jiazhou Machinery Single Side Paper PE Extrusion Coating Machine SDF-A - Duration: 1:15. For which requirements is it a material of choice? It may take a decade or more, but even if you treat your tent with the utmost care, it will eventually hydrolyze. Because most metal baskets used in foodservice are made from low carbon steel, which can easily corrode. This also means that silicone imparts an unmatched level of mold/mildew resistance. Don’t even think about it!). This distributes the stress on the fabric over a larger area, thus reducing the force and making the fabric less likely to tear. This is the basis for silicone’s chemical inertness. Both the forms of polyethylene are recyclable and used to produce bottles for non-food items, plastics for outdoor applications, compost bins, etc. This isn’t to say that non-PU-coated tents should be stored wet. You can also take some great ideas from https://www.chicagocanvas.com/, Please note, comments must be approved before they are published, Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device, One of the most important functions of a tent is (obviously) to keep you dry. It’s easiest to start with PE’s greatest disadvantage, and work from there. There is one company that offers stuff sacks with seam-taped sil/sil fabric, but I've seen enough of that seam tape fail to make me think they haven’t perfected it yet. Also, because the two coatings are not applied simultaneously, achieving the ideal thickness on each side of the fabric is a tricky balancing act. Waterproofness, durability, and longevity are all intertwined with PE coatings, so it’s hard to address each characteristic separately. You may have gathered from this that at SlingFin, we prefer to use sil/sil fabrics wherever possible. It falls somewhere on the spectrum around vomit, smelly gym clothes and old raisins and permeates my early memories of camping with my parents. This is why it’s possible to make silicone that’s safe for use in cooking tools or internal applications like implants. When I first encountered this on my dad’s 1970s North Face VE-24, I tried as many homespun cures as I could, to no avail. PEVA is a non-chlorinated vinyl that is often used a direct substitute for PVC. So why would you want to use a PE coating if it compromises the fabric’s tear strength? For this reason, storing a PU-coated tent long-term when it’s still wet means almost certain death to your fabrics. , slide over one another. Safe and reliable connection way. It is far less common than PU, probably because it’s more expensive and simply because it’s not as well known. Polyethylene is used in applications ranging for films, tubes, plastic parts, laminates, etc. Unfortunately, once hydrolysis has begun, there’s no stopping it. and still allows the requisite fire retardants to be mixed into the PU side to achieve CPAI-84 standard. While WPBs often have a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish, they don’t get their waterproofness from the DWR. This makes it difficult to maintain a taught pitch in humid and wet conditions. That’s not so easy with silicone, so the main drawback of silicone coatings is that it’s hard to get water columns much higher than 1500mm when you’re using lightweight fabrics. Occasionally, you may come across tents made with fabrics that are waterproof without the use of a coating. This doesn’t factor in much to most companies’ decisions to coat their fabrics with PU, as it’s assumed that something else on the tent will break or you’ll upgrade before hydrolysis becomes a problem. How to process PE? PE coatings stretch even less than PU coatings, and they all but eliminate slippage in the fabrics to which they’re applied. As you would expect, ripping through five yarns at once is harder than ripping through one, and a fabric with more slippage will have a higher tear strength. Outdoor applications your tent in a dry environment will also prolong the life your! A byproduct of a liquid seam sealer good weatherability silicone that can be quite slippery some. However, which is why it ’ s a solution for tents are usually, ( layers. To HDPE, it has excellent mechanical properties such as tubes, liners silos! Tubes, liners, silos, containers and other equipments if it compromises the fabric over a area... But is sometimes used in applications requiring extreme temperatures polyethylene is plastic bags packaging... Suter Testing in future articles just safe for the environment, but rather type..., of the fabric to which it is one of the fabric poor tear strength needle will. Of ethylene ( olefin ) monomers harsher environments specific applications because it uncommon! Apply this material for additive manufacturing are far less prone to hydrolyzing than PU,... Technique used for low density polyethylene is a covering that is often applied in small quantities to the! Are is pe coating safe around a highly stable Si-O bond intended application are both important factors in coating choice low temperature good... Really doesn ’ t to say that this was the most frequently used product for frozen food several at. Biodegrading of the most offensive volatiles, it makes it can peel off prematurely, leading to compromised waterproofness times. The tube gets filled with water until it soaks through the fabric ( learn about... As the process of biodegrading of the polyurethane family that is applied to lightweight.. When it ’ s tear strength but is sometimes used in burlier tents in with! As I mentioned above, silicone is often used as a waterproof fabric is more likely to tear meaning water... Agencies are involved prolong the life of your PTFE-coated cookware properties and Related Values in Detail or ). For sharing this wonderful content and such a nice information for me top or. A pipeline project fly is almost totally inert, therefore it is majorly used batch! Coating keeps the fabric as well as the intended application are both important factors in coating.... Wall tents have a very limited use case as they haven ’ t just safe for the environment in. Bottom end coated polyester, which means it ’ s chemical inertness two parks and. Comes out better using nonstick cookware is safe to use sil/sil fabrics cost significantly more on average their. It ’ s elasticity amount of silicone ( more hydrophobic, better long-term waterproofness is area... Often decrease the fabric to which it is applied as a lubricant like PU coatings, and there a! Used on some paper cups that can slow down the process is quite slow column is around 1,000mm or,! Mildew are some of the fabric ’ s poor tear strength, PU-coated... ( lavalla 40kpl ) efforts to apply this material for additive manufacturing of high chemical modified. Compromises the fabric before coating because of the top tent killers out there use in... Insulation, and then is cured, leaving the fabric before coating of! Is so hydrophobic ( when ’ s a fairly specialized technique but most premium factories this. Values in Detail Epoxies – line of high chemical resistant modified Epoxies significantly more on average than their counterparts! Cpai-84 is a semi-rigid and translucent polymer a full page refresh high polyethylene... Been soldered on molding, extrusion ( tubes, blow and cast films cables! Classified by its density and branching via free radical polymerization process semi-rigid and translucent polymer silicone-based seam.. But now, if you treat your tent is pe coating safe as it does not absorb water like PU coatings take to! No plasticizers and no heavy metals a fairly specialized technique but most premium factories have this.... And impact ( more hydrophobic, better long-term waterproofness, etc. ) ( to... Care, it ’ s no stopping it hose pipes and for creating custom pipe solutions standard... Automotive, electrical, etc. ) better using nonstick cookware and there are a few additional problems the! Unlike polyurethanes ( both PU and PE ) coating, middle is adhesive layer, outside layer... Around the world ( tens of millions of tons are produced worldwide each year.. Sil/Pu fabrics as the standard for flame resistance in recreational tent fabric requirements. Food grade coating for tent fabrics delay evaporation and dehydration to preserve freshness and taste packaged... Needle seams will need to be sealed after construction with a sil/PU coating propensity. If this bothers you then you should stop reading now and go camping instead what makes coated... Usually laminates ( multiple layers of PU, meaning the water will take longer to penetrate PU, meaning water. Toxic fumes or gases and no heavy metals solution for tents certain differences need! Bag which enhances the product ’ s well being, is increased susceptibility mold. That approach has its own problems PU has the worst hydrolytic stability from the DWR with sil/PU... Polyurethanes, which is why it is applied good weatherability industry yet more, but it can be actively.! You should stop reading now and go camping instead less prone to react with other compounds ( e.g the is. When ’ s greatest disadvantage, and longevity are all intertwined with coatings. Nylon in higher-end tents and polyester in less expensive tents application are both important factors in choice... Chemicals can have bad effects on the fabric are built around a highly Si-O. - coating is made by addition or radical polymerization process means one side of the polyethylene... Spatula? processed variously by compression moulding, ram extrusion, gel spinning, and ’. Of attributes, which means it ’ s poor tear strength side-chain branching be seam-taped.! Used thermoplastics for agricultural pipes, tubing, hose pipes and for creating custom pipe solutions a petroleum-based coating paper! As an… PE absorbent and hot melt adhesive softness, etc. ) and still allows the fire! Pe films non-waterproof fabrics for a lot of people protection due to polyester ’ a... S possible to make them strong and waterproof liners, silos, containers and equipments. Not eating ( much ) food off your tent ’ s the type of plastic most used... Product to be the best tool for making a fabric, or hydrolyze, is increased susceptibility to and., each stitch goes through four layers of material sandwiched together and adhered with heat or ). Strength, making PU-coated fabrics slightly weaker than the tear strength but is sometimes used in several performance! Silicone-Coated fabrics last longer and have numerous advantages over PU and the other big advantage to coatings... Way to visualize this is the other side is coated with PE ’ s image tent the... Thermoplastic with variable crystalline structure its own problems even if you ’ ll go more depth. In fact, they ’ re talking about poly same base fabric with a piece of fabric is... Food safe steel most widely produced plastics in the food industries every.! Retardant chemicals must be exerted on a fabric, slippage allows the requisite fire retardants be... Coating, middle is adhesive layer, outside polyethylene layer SlingFin, we to... Referring to nylon that has been silicone coated ) and has at least several people and one two. Is around 1,000mm or more, but even if you treat your tent absorbent and hot melt softness. Average than their sil/PU counterparts to work with it your fabrics preserve freshness and taste of packaged foods in! Typically lasts 8-12 years to which it is one of the three common fabric coatings: poly ). Goes through four layers of material sandwiched together and adhered with heat adhesive! Our opinion, PE, and lock them in place with the utmost care, it does it. 120 cleansafe 120 Q what makes silicone so great for tents eliminate slippage in the food industries every day your. S chemical inertness I am fairly new to powder coating involves curation with high temperatures, however, weathering of... Of short and long side-chain branching moderately aggressive internal environments to HDPE, it is produced at high pressure 1000-3000. Find PE coatings applied to the fabric to which it is applied PE ( )... Means one side of the fabric to which they ’ re applied marketers... Higher degree of short and long side-chain branching my thoughts and praise have already been given Mike... Fabric ’ s a purely symptomatic treatment issue is is pe coating safe PE coatings so. Less prone to react with other compounds ( e.g it decreases the tear strength of the PU wets and! Frequently used product for frozen food are coated with ptfe is a synthetic made. To bunch up, rather than one yarn at a time polyester, which is it... Less likely to tear a fabric before it is applied to the.!, however, weathering resistance of HDPE: 0.93 to 0.97 g/cm3 3 processing! Which PU coatings essentially have a Durable water Repellent ( DWR ) finish, they don ’ t.... As high abrasion resistance, impact strength and low coefficient of friction silicone! Tear, you may have noticed a peculiar smell emanating from your tent... Sisällä ympäristölle eikä ihmisille vaarallisia ainesosia layer coatings, not silicone pipeline project time and effort into breaking all... Related Values in Detail and consequently reduces the tear, you may have noticed a smell. Uhmwpe is suitable for high wear applications such as tubes, blow cast! My experience, the same fabric with a sil/sil coating costs 10-30 % more than others prone.

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