Service is provided in the United States only. One of the biggest changes is the ability for you to fill out most applications on-line, from your office, home or on your phone. And find even more info (zoning, etc.) Browse, Filter, and Export the data to Microsoft Excel. is focused on providing investors with a complete real estate data offering which includes ownership info, property history, property sales records, foreclosure and pre-foreclosure listings (in selected regions), property tax records, permit data, property maps, building violations, and more. Notice of Proposed Property Taxes; Photos (if available) For property tax information, visit Treasury Operations . Local, state, and federal government websites often end in .gov. The Office of Property Assessment of the City of Philadelphia (OPA) makes every effort to produce and publish on this site the most accurate and current information available to it. We hold many records, created since the arrival of European settlement until recently, about the lease, sale and re-acquisition of State-owned (or 'Crown') land. While most public property records databases feature similar sales history and ownership information, the user interfaces of each can differ quite a bit. In several regions, including New York and California, we provide ownership contact information as well, so you can reach the right person directly. Vital and Records Management System. A lien is placed on a home when the owner owes money to a lender, the IRS, or possibly even a contractor who did remodeling work on the home. The government office that records property transfers, deeds of ownership and other legal documents is known as the recorder's office or, in some counties, the registrar of deeds. We have all types of data available to search for, including property records, vehicle records, business registration records, voter records, and many more! Public Records. View tax assessment records for free. View the public records page for more information. This system is used to record real property records as well as process marriage Licenses, birth and death certificates and other documents recordable, according to state law. Massachusets Access property records, Access real properties The Middlesex South Registry of Deeds is opening for normal business hours today at its location of 208 Cambridge St in Cambridge. Since then cities and counties in the United States and Canada have made over 10,000 free property record, property tax, and GIS map service databases available online and we've diligently worked to add each one to Under this law, each City of Milwaukee department head or elected official is the official custodian of the records of his or her department or office. The Secretary of the Commonwealth would like to welcome you to the Massachusetts Land Records website. These services will allow you to search the history of property records or obtain recorded property documents. This website provides direct, online public access to all property records and document data it has available for the United States and U.S. territories. Property Records When we started this service in 1997 there were only a few property record databases online. Get access to assessment records , building permits, city property for sale, COMPASS map creator, legal descriptions, pre-made downloadable maps, MapMilwaukee applications, master property records… Property records are updated on a weekly basis. California Property Records. As these are public documents you can consult the local recorder of deeds. The below list is a sample of records available to the public. With Australian Public Records, there are some excellent online sources. FileViewer provides access to scanned indexes and images of the historical handwritten, and current documents, indexes and plats for Real Property, and Oil and Gas records in Texas and New Mexico. Property ownership is public record, accessible to anyone who wants information on a parcel. Copies of all deeds and mortgages recorded since 1683 are on file and accessible to citizens, attorneys, title searchers, historians and genealogists. number (AIN) at the online Los Angeles County Assessor Portal. Our powerful servers run through millions of public records to find information that is useful to you. Find homes for sale in California, or type an address below: We did not find listings for: Please visit our International Site for listings outside the United States. Many records required to be kept or prepared by the Assessor are considered public documents and are available for viewing at our self-service public information computers. Search free property record databases in Canada, including those for the Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Saskatchewan. Property Records No. As each year passes, more information becomes publicly available on the internet. Some states include mapping applications whereby one may view online maps of the property and surrounding areas. When were looking for the most current tax records online, we always use . Commercial real estate brokers will get quick access to property ownership records, sales history, title documents, zoning, land records, permits, and more. Some towns and counties don't have online access, so you may need to go to the county assessor or county recorder's office during regular hours. Search for Sales Records at the local land records office where the property is located or try New service for basic searches. Many counties maintain records with property history information online. Each time a property is transferred from one person to another,it’sofficially recorded with the county records department. Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, commonly known as Florida's "Public Records Law," provides information on public records in Florida, including policies, definitions, exemptions, general information on records access, inspection, examination and duplication of records. To access this information, start by performing a search of the property records data by selecting the Search Property Records tab. The .gov means it’s official. Australia holds public records dating back hundreds of years and these records give an insight into the history of our homes. Confidential records are only available by Court Order to third parties. Let’s look at some specific examples to better illustrate the search process when using public records databases. Try the new service if you just want to know what the current owner paid for the property. Check out New Jersey property records and related public information, such as NJ assessments, home values and property details, here on®. Its history, such as the number of times it has been put for sale, the renovations made, adjustments that have been made to the property in the years past are detailed in the records. For parcel information, visit King County's Parcel Viewer . Property Appraiser records are available to inspect and/or copy excluding confidential records such as exemption applications and financial information. The access to and acquisition of land drove much of American history. Welcome to the Oakland County Real Property Official Records Search. We’ve compare multiple sites and always found the most current records here and for free! NJ Property Sales Records To search statewide land boundary information, visit Washington State Department of Natural Resources Public Land Survey Office The records help them understand the history of the property, and deem whether it is worthy enough to purchase. The Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds is proud to introduce a more efficient way to search for all of your property records - the all-new Super Index . In general, property records are being kept by the Registry of Deeds and provide specificsabout plots of land or buildings, such as Address, Value, Liens, and Ownership History. Tax Office 234 NW Corridor Blvd Jacksonville, NC 28540 Phone: 910-989-2200 » Florida Driving Records. So much so, we have come to expect quick and easy access to just about everything. This office is open to the public and services individuals who have purchased or sold property in Middlesex County. We also hold records about land transactions between private individuals and companies. Tax Office - Property Records Site . This service is free. You can search the records yourself in person or online. Online Public Records and Accessing those Offline. The records we hold about individual blocks of land mostly relate to their ownership over time. Trusted nation-wide property records reporting service. While trying to find the history of a residence can be very difficult there are some things you can do at the Los Angeles Public library to start such a search.Get property description and Assessor's I.D. This site provides read access to tax record information from Onslow County, North Carolina. (this office values Real Property) Register of Deeds Office (ROD) (this office records property transaction documents) Delinquent Tax Office (this office sends out notices for past-due taxes) Geographic Information System (this office develops the spatial database) Planning Department (this office plans for future use of land) For court and divorce records, visit King County Superior Court . Help. State of Georgia government websites and email systems use “” or “” at the end of the address. Many states offer online access to assessment records that may be searched by property address, property id number and sometimes by owner name. From wars, treaties, immigration, and settlement, land is interwoven into the very core of what it means to be America. A tax history search will be able to tell you the property’s value at the time of assessment, past taxes paid, whether any taxes are due, and if there are any liens on the property.