I make industry/location average for my experience, could probably make more at a big company but I really like where I am. Some gain equivalent experience from military service. I'm wondering if this is difficult with a community college associates degree. Computer systems analysts assess an organization's computer systems and recommend changes to hardware and software to enhance the company's efficiency.. Because the job requires regular communication with managers and employees, computer systems analysts need to have strong interpersonal skills.Systems analysts need to be able to … How do we compare to people with associate's and those with no degree at all? The average salary for early-career workers with an associate degree in computer science or computer engineering is $40,600 per year, with a projected mid-career salary of $83,700 annually. Apply to Electronics Technician, Tutor, Designer and more! My company has a pretty good mix of developers with and without degrees. BACHELOR DEGREE California Department of Human Resources Follow Us On: @Calhr_gov 1 You may be able to substitute related experience. Upon completion, students may be awarded an Associate in Arts (AA) or Associate in Science (AS) degree. He just had to take like 4 classes, then he's going to attend a 3 month boot camp in San Fran. Masters is dumb. I have an associates degree in an unrelated major. Nuclear technicians typically need an associate's degree in nuclear science or a nuclear-related technology. Of course I recognize I might have the advantage of being a woman in this instance. I'd say focus on school, but also while you're in school join some clubs and make friends. It also provides a valuable credential that makes it easier to get hired. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the computerscience community, Press J to jump to the feed. Just make sure you do self-directed learning to pick up the algorithm and data structure knowledge you may miss out on in school. I completely agree with you on PhD. Because systems analysts work where business and technology converge, an MBA degree in computer science is an ideal fit for the job. Thanks for the A2A. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Notable exceptions would be places like Google/Facebook/Amazon/Microsoft who ask about CS fundamentals during interviews. We used real-time job analysis software to examine more than 146,000 job postings seeking candidates with a computer science degree and zero to two years of experience from the past year. A subreddit for those with questions about working in the tech industry or in a computer-science-related job. The low-stress way to find your next associate computer science job opportunity is on SimplyHired. What about bachelor of science in information science with a minor in comp sci. However, I recently made it to a couple of onsites at a top tech company and a big 4. Both are very useful; neither is mandatory. A degree teaches valuable skills. You'll be taken way more seriously when applying. Finding that 1st employer to take a shot on me took longer than I had hoped, but if you focus on smaller companies then you should be fine. 713 Associate Computer Programmer jobs available on Indeed.com. An associate degree in computer programming provides a foundation in computer science (CS) and information technology (IT). I do have a good job here in the Midwest though. Educational Paths. Computer Systems Analyst. All they want to know is if you've programmed before, and your experience with programming. So if you are on the lookout for the highest paying computer science jobs this new year, keep this position in your short list. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary for computer and information technology careers exceeds $88,000. I know most of the big companies require a 4 year, but has anyone gotten a job maybe at a startup that didn't require a bachelors? Apply to Associate Professor, Software Engineer, Faculty and more! I submitted my resume to several top companies while at Grace Hopper and a few have reached out. A friend of mine is a software engineer for a large airline company and is on their hiring team. I have an Associates in Software Devlopment from a small community college. He's told me on several occasions that they've passed on ivy league grads in favor of people with no degree and a strong portfolio. It takes a lot of hard work, but it is very possible. Computer Programmer – As a computer programmer, you will probably do many different things, such as designing algorithms, writing code, testing, and troubleshooting. Apply to Entry Level Developer, Software Engineer, Graduate Manager and more! This could include learning CS fundamentals in your own time or working on projects and networking a lot. Apply to Computer Scientist, Intelligence Analyst, Quality Assurance Tester and more! FYI: Job Prospects for Cybersecurity Associate’s Degree-Holders. 5,793 Associate Degree Computer Science jobs available on Indeed.com. I go to meetups, put my work up on github and my blog, and try to put myself out there. I am a developer now. get the BS, it will be better for you in the long run. Security is arguably the most sensitive aspect of modern tech-oriented businesses. My company has a pretty good mix of developers with and without degrees. Operations research is still quite a specialized field, so few schools offer programs specific to this field. This first job or two is tricky to land, but it is totally doable if you can demonstrate skill, and after that it gets much easier. Not huge money but my team is great and the place is very relaxed. Program Description This broad-based curriculum produces skilled people who can move … The MIS equivalent don't seem to require nearly as many Business classes. I'm currently on my second full time job in the industry (I also had 1 internship and some small contract work as a student), with almost two years of experience, and I'm making just shy of 60k in mid Ohio. By all means get the degree, but more importantly, learn to program and keep practicing, expanding and refining your skills. Most associate degree programs in computer science require 60 semester hours. Even then their initial pay was lower than the college grads. Still planning on transferring and completing my Bachelor's, of course, but I'll be job hunting as soon as I have that paper in hand. I am currently deciding weather or not to just get my associates degree, I only need about 20 more credits, or just pay the fees for public school and get a BS. Now that you’re well aware of where an Associate’s degree could take you, take the next step by learning more about the Rasmussen College Information Technology Associate’s degree program. There are over 20,906 associate computer science careers waiting for you to apply! Should i just take another year and get the major completed? Cookies help us deliver our Services. What follows is a list of the types of jobs that you can have with your Computer Science Associates Degree. So what careers with an associate’s degree are actually available? I have a community college associate degree of software development and I got a job before I even graduated. There are many benefits to having a computer science degree. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Speaking to senior coworkers who never got their BS, they had to know the exact technologies beforehand (and not counting related technologies which often works for college grads/interns) and had prior personal experience with them. 2 Specific courses required. Degrees are just a nice-to-have; what gets you a programming job is not a degree, but demonstrable programming skill and experience, ideally in the form of an extensive track record or portfolio. Encouragingly, jobs in the field are growing. I wouldn't do it if you don't already have a bachelor's degree. Solid pay & benefits. 3 Though the path to obtaining a bachelor’s degree in either subject will differ somewhat, here’s a taste of what to expect with each. The Best Associate of Science Degree Jobs Contrary to popular belief, bachelor’s degrees aren’t the only undergraduate academic degrees that can help you land a high-paying job. Just get the Bachelors. Here three job possibilities for graduates of the computer science associate degree program. PhD only if your dream is research. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. It boosted my confidence significantly. They do not. Early in my career I learned a lot from an architect who didn't have a degree either. It takes a lot of hard work, but it is very possible. It's a credential like any other, just a rung lower on the academic ladder. Or at a minimum, take a job and work towards it at night or online classes or whatever you have to do. I know a bunch of people making 6 figures with no degree at all. Equipped with a deep understanding of an organization’s computer systems and procedures, systems analysts are tasked with devising technology-based solutions to boost productivity and maximize technology ROI. The company would be considered a startup. Most of my experience is from smaller startup type companies yes. In fact, there are plenty of occupations that offer good salaries for associate degree holders. I have no degree and have what I would consider a great job. This is because CS is one of those fields where your skill is not determined directly from the classes you take, but rather your own experience. Apply to Programmer, Computer Programmer, Program Associate and more! I didn't even finish out my associates because it wasn't teaching me anything useful. I'm 12 years in now and my career is going very well. I'm confident my next job switch in a year or two will get me up to the 75k range. Sure, but you might have to do some extra work to get there. I could, however, finish an associate degree program at my local community college in maybe two more terms. 20,906 associate computer science jobs available. I'm graduating with an Associates in Web Programming after this fall. You'll start out getting paid much less than some of the crazy salaries people brag about in here, I only made about as much as I did at the factory I had quit from to go back to school. Position Summary Entry-level computer science/computer engineer with ability to apply a strong work ethic to supporting the development of software and/or control…: Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Science/Technology, or Cybersecurity Required knowledge of Windows 10 and Microsoft Office Preferred knowledge of Linux (Red Hat and/or CentOS… In Canada, there are students from BCIT (2 year diploma program) who got really good software jobs within graduation. Only make roughly 47k a year, but was a huge step up from what I previously made. I just got my associates degree in general studies and I am now a junior at the local state U. 1,497 Entry Level Computer Science jobs available on Indeed.com. Edit: I just answered something like this in another forum, but my interview ace was talking about object oriented programming style and design patterns especially. Stop there, though. Yes. Do not rest your laurels on an associate's degree. Visit www.jobs.ca.gov to begin your career with the State of California! If you want money stop at bachelors and get a job. The richest man in the entire industry dropped out of Harvard as a freshman. We analyzed employment and Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data to find the 24 best associate degree careers taking salary, growth, and number of jobs into account. There are many jobs for computer science majors, which vary in function and in pay. They make software for other companies to use. One of my classmates is getting his associates, but he already has a B.A. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a much faster than average job growth rate between now and 2024 for cybersecurity jobs that require only an associate’s degree to work, which include jobs titles like Web Developer. I've fallen really far behind in my 4 year degree program, I don't want to go into a ton of debt trying to recover and I'm afraid even if I do I might not finish. in something else. As a result, many analysts have degrees in related computer science or mathematics fields. Still going to school though and plan on finishing next summer. Get the BS. in something else. 29,578 Associate Computer Science jobs available on Indeed.com. The associate’s in computer science degree can also prepare the candidate for further education if they so choose. The less educated you are the less you'll get paid on average. In fact, even places like google and microsoft hire people without degrees. Employers will value you less because, outside of the 1 in 1000, you are less valuable. Although this information is from applying 10-20 years ago, not sure how relevant it is now since BSCS graduates are a lot more common than before. In fact every course I took for my AA was for programming courses only. I was at a cybersecurity conference last year, where one speaker said they would hire literally anybody who had the skills to do the work, from a Ph.D. down to a high school dropout. Many of these require the specific training of an associate of applied science degree, but some allow the broad education of an associate of arts degree. I have an associates degree in an unrelated major. I would love to get one because it would be great accomplishment but I don't really want to do research or instruct. Anyone can point to random exceptions, but the truth is with just an AA degree you'll get way less calls, way less interviews, and way lower offers. Often engaging students through projects and hands-on lab learning, these programs cultivate analytical, problem-solving, and technical skills. Computer Systems Analyst . According to the BLS, positions in computer science are projected to increase by 15% through 2022. What about people with unrelated degree(s)? Common degree types include an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D, and certification in computer science. In an analysis of job postings, we found that 89% of computer science positions require applicants to hold a bachelor’s degree. I just don't know if an associates in CS would really enable me to find a job. This is a small company, not a startup, and they are a technology company. And at this point I am so happy with my own self improvement that I don't feel bad about failing. Yes, an Associate degree in Computer Science suffices your needs for becoming a Web Developer and deal with HTML and CSS. That opens up higher salary's and promotion opportunity. I sure as hell hope so. No degree except for the honorary ones. When I finally got to look at the main code of the company, after being hired, I could see so many places that needed improvement. I'm not at a Big 4 yet but I've been working hard to learn and pass interviews because I do believe I have what it takes. And yet I was still able to find work because the interviews here in DC did not even cover algorithms or data structures. Corporations are always looking for highly skilled Information Security Systems Manager to make sure their business and user data remain safe. You can learn all the skills you need on your own to be a successful developer/engineer, but college is about networking and learning how to interact with your peers. Though some jobs may require greater experience combined with an Associate’s degree, there are options. Once I got that 1st year of experience however, I got a lot more interest from companies. Your education generally determines what they'll pay you though. I landed a job as a backend software developer in a very competitive city in California. I don't have any degree. Managerial and specialized positions in computer and information technology often require at least a bachelor’s degree. Computer-science or computer-engineering degree holders typically pursue one of these jobs: Computer programmer; Computer support specialist; Systems analyst I wouldn't do it if you don't already have a bachelor's degree. Computer science majors are hot in demand, and the salaries show it: in 2018, computer science majors had a projected average starting salary of $66,005, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Some companies will pay for you to get it while working. Generally, I think the conventional wisdom for most places is that experience trumps your academic knowledge. There will always be someone with your portfolio who also has bachelors/masters as well. I imagine if you're trying to get into a top-level tech company, the degree will be looked at more, but for 90% of companies out there, having a great portfolio is way more relevant. 2 The same is true for 84% of IT positions. I once had one guy interview me (I think it was for an SRE position), and he told me he didn't have any university degree at all. I'm around 40k working just outside of Cleveland. Computer science associate degrees prepare students for entry-level positions in computer science as well as more advanced degrees. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the cscareerquestions community. I can try again in the future! 5,805 Associates Degree Computer Science jobs available on Indeed.com. One of my classmates is getting his associates, but he already has a B.A. Why not use your four Year Bachelor’s Degree Get ahead by working for the State of California! New associate computer science careers are added daily on SimplyHired.com. In computer science, (as in programming and NOT IT as some people in the thread think) you do not need a degree to get a job. Google actually does have some people without Bachelor's degrees. I only have an associates and landed a level 1 position at my company. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Sr. Systems Software Engineer (UK, US, Canada). Associate's degrees I've seen do not go through any algorithms, and are very light on explaining data structures. He just had to take like 4 classes, then he's going to attend a 3 month boot camp in San Fran. Yes. We are quite hungry for new developers, but they have to have SOMETHING they have been a part of. 8 Entry-level jobs you can land with a computer science degree. I'm not sure what algorithms and data structures are, if you're talking about design patterns and MVC I did have a little bit of knowledge from AA but obviously not enough. I landed a job as a backend software developer in a very competitive city in California. Consequently, IT associate program graduates seeking higher-paying careers usually use their degrees as a foundation for further study. I have no degree and landed some sweet gigs. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. An exception, Masters is not dumb if you get it while working. Most employers only require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or mathematics for these jobs, though some may require a master’s degree. I know of two software architects and several engineers at my last company who only had an Associate's degree.

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